MICHAEL OLIVO is a cartoonist and illustrator who also explores animation, mural painting, print-making, poetry, graphic design, and video art. He has spent the last four years in California, previously graduating magna cum laude from The University of the Arts with a degree in Painting/Drawing, and originally growing up in northern New Jersey. Besides self-publishing, Olivo’s comics and illustrations have been published by The New York Times, Lucky Peach, Esquire (Russia), Never Press (LA), Hirnplatzt Zine (Austria), Kuti Kuti (Finland), Tiny Splendor (Berkeley), and Sacred Prism (Philadelphia). He has done an animated video for California punk band Pleasure Gallows, interned at FLUXspace and Space 1026 in Philadelphia, and currently runs HARPY gallery in Rutherford,NJ.

michaeljolivo@gmail.com / 973.886.6077